Microphone Jordan

Microphone Jordan by Rise Rashid from the popular “Microphone” Series of mixtapes.


Young OG – RiseRashid

Young OG

Power Trip – RiseRashid

Power Trip

Started From The Bottom – RiseRashid

Started From The Bottom

Break To Build (Skit) – RiseRashid

Break To Build (Skit)

Busy Boy – RiseRashid ft. C Note$

Busy Boy

Oprah, Barkley, & Jordan (Skit) – RiseRashid

Oprah, Barkley, & Jordan (Skit)

Suit & Tie – RiseRashid

Suit & Tie

Love Dont Stay Here – RiseRashid ft. Tiffany Renee

Love Dont Stay Here

3 Wishes – RiseRashid ft. Payges, JuTwoTimes

3 Wishes

The Secret Stuff (Skit) – RiseRashid

The Secret Stuff (Skit)

Simply Brilliant – RiseRashid ft. Rych

Simply Brilliant

Full Beard – RiseRashid ft. Duck Dynasty

Full Beard

Last Thing I Remember – RiseRashid ft. E-Haqq

Last Thing I Remember

Look Me In My Eyes (Skit) – RiseRashid

Look Me In My Eyes (Skit)