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I Have… A Mic & A Dream – Paperback by RiseRashid


bookI Have… A Mic & A Dream Paperback – February 3, 2009

Jamal “Rise” Williams is a celebrated musician, actor in both film and theatre, radio personality, live show host, loving father, and a devoted husband. In this young man’s life, financial struggle, coping with death, and life’s many tribulations have stood between him and his goals. He has made a way for himself in the entertainment industry by relaying his life stories through his music and the characters he has portrayed. As a minority in America looking from the bottom up, Rise remained determine to see change in America’s urban society. Even with the corruption in the entertainment industry growing parallel to the corruption in America’s political system, staying focus on his dream has come through the lessons learned in life’s many tests. Ironically, forty-four years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, the pursuit of a dream is still being defined.

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